Shingles Virus Pictures

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Shingles Virus Pictures
Shingles Virus Pictures

Shingles virus pictures

        If there is something special about the shingles virus, then it must be that it causes a variety of diseases, each of them more serious than the last one. The first thing that the shingles virus could cause is chicken pox.

        Yes, indeed, the varicella zoster virus is the same with the shingles virus. About twenty years after the initial problem, the virus, which went into a sort of hibernation, attacks again. This time, it waits for a proper moment. That means that it makes itself known in people with lowered immunity, including cancer and AIDS patients. However, most of the shingles affected persons are just having a cold or a headache.

        Also, one more thing that makes the shingles virus so well known is that it has absolutely no preference for a specific age, sex, social category or ethnicity. Therefore, it is present all over the world. Only in the United States of America, more then one million of shingles cases have been diagnosed in the last year alone. The physical manifestations become much more visible if the affected person is over the age of sixty or has a job that requires them to wear protective gear all day long.

        If the problematic patch of skin cannot breathe and is buried under layers of polyester, the symptoms will become exacerbated and the shingles could become a real issue, not just an annoyance.

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        Among HIV patients, unlike the others, the Shingles virus rash may spread to both sides of the body and spread more widely.

        The close connection between shingles and chickenpox diseases were already known before the discovery of the pathogen. On first contact with the virus (often youth), we make a chickenpox. If the virus is reactivated later, it causes shingles.