Shingles Symptoms Pictures

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Shingles Symptoms Pictures
Shingles Symptoms Pictures

Shingles symptoms pictures

        The earliest of the shingles symptoms appear almost twenty years before the disease itself. Theoretically, since shingles is caused by the same pathogen agent as chicken pox, that particular childhood disease can be considered the first of the shingles symptoms. About two decades later, the true shingles symptoms start to appear.

        Usually, the disease waits in silence until the body's immunity is lowered enough for it to be able to attack and not be rebuffed immediately. When the virus finds the crack in immunity it needs, shingles symptoms start to develop.

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        In the first phase, the affected skin starts to feel much more sensitive to touch. After a while, even the clothes that the patient wears will become uncomfortable. About two days after this initial stage, the redness and itching begins. From this moment on, the shingles symptoms will only get more painful. By the time the reddened area has been covered completely in pustules, the patient should not ignore the signs and schedule a meeting with their dermatologist immediately.

        The physician will take note of all the symptoms that the patient has manifested so far and will warn about what could happen next, so that the sufferer does not get scared. Keep in mind that shingles is a relatively harmless disease and, if the treatment is followed properly, it should clear in about two weeks.

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        The virus spreads along a bundle of nerve fibers, usually in a band and only on one side of the body. The symptoms subside after 2 to 3 weeks, but in some cases extreme neuralgic pain may persist for months or even years.

        After a period of approximately three days when you feel sick with a fever high enough, Shingles symptoms occur on an area of the body and unilateral nerve pain (neuralgia) with feelings of tension, burning or ripping and sensitivity disorders.