Shingles Recurrence

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Shingles Recurrence
Shingles Recurrence

Shingles recurrence

        Just like with any other skin disease, the shingles recurrence rate is high. Actually, it could be the highest recurrence rate this side of non - cancerous skin problems. Technically, everyone can manifest a shingles recurrence. Why? Well, if you have had chicken pox at some point in your life, then you will present with the typical shingles symptoms at least at one point in your life. Shingles and chicken pox share their pathogen agent, the varicella zoster virus. Thus, a shingles recurrence can appear even twenty years after you have been cured of the chicken pox.

       Of course, the true shingles recurrence happens only after the patient has had a shingles crisis and has overcome it. The problem is that the varicella zoster virus cannot be killed. The antiviral medication that your attending physician prescribes can only freeze or trap the virus at a point in its evolution. As soon as the drugs stop, the virus begins to unfreeze and stir trouble again. A typical shingles patient has two or even three crisis a year.

       Fortunately, if the patient is over the age of sixty or has never had chicken pox before, the shingles vaccine just do the trick and spare them the appearance of shingles, not to mention its recurrence.