Shingles Rash Pictures

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Shingles Rash Pictures
Shingles Rash Pictures

Shingles rash pictures

        The shingles rash is, probably, one of the most well known skin problems in the world. Also, one of the easiest to recognize by just about anyone. That does not mean, under any circumstances, that a patient should assume that, if something on their skin resembles a shingles rash, they can medicate themselves. Only a specialist can truly tell the difference between different types of rashes that mean completely different things in some cases.

        However, the shingles rash presents with some particularities. For instance, about five days before the rash becomes visible, the sufferer will notice an increase in the sensitivity of the affected skin. Redness comes next and, soon after, the first spots start to form. The problem with the shingles rash is that, well, it itches. While adults can be convinced not to scratch that itch, children are not so easily persuaded.

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        If the patient continues to scratch the infected area, the rash will not only spread, but it will also evolve. Unfortunately, the evolution of the shingles rash is unavoidable: pustules appear over the most inflamed areas. These little sacks are filled with a clear liquid, which turns white and creamy if the disease is left untreated for long periods of time. If the treatment is appropriate and done in due time, the rash should disappear in about two weeks.

        Caused by the virus varicella zoster, is responsible for childhood chickenpox. After an episode in childhood, it is not eliminated from the body and remains latent in the nervous system. Its reactivation is observed in 10% to 20% of adults infected in childhood.

        Shingles rash associated with HIV is very painful. While the cutaneous manifestations of shingles rash are not dangerous, the virus may reach the eye causing blindness.

        I hope these Shingles rash pictures helped you have a general impression on how this rash looks like.