Shingles In Children

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Shingles In Children
Shingles In Children

Shingles in children

        Here is the bizarre thing about shingles in children: it should not happen. Why? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: the varicella zoster virus, the pathogen agent that causes shingles, is also the guilty party for chicken pox. Basically, if your child has developed a normal case of chicken pox, then the virus should not be able to attack again so soon. It usually becomes active after a couple of decades or even longer.

        If your young son or daughter has manifested shingles in children symptoms, then there might be a problem with his or her immune system. Technically, this is what the outbreak points to: a deficiency in the natural protection of the child's body.

       The thing that makes shingles in children such a problem is the fact that the patients do not understand or wish to respect the classic set of rules for a skin problem: do not touch and do not scratch. If anyone can convince a child to not scratch an itch, they deserve a prize. Thus, it is not the disease itself that is dangerous, but the patients. Shingles in children must be dealt with and swiftly, since it can spread like wildfire if the child is allowed to rupture the pustules. Usually, some sort of ointment will do the trick. If that does not help, then an oral antiviral will surely clear the little one's skin.