Shingles Early Symptoms

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Shingles Early Symptoms
Shingles Early Symptoms

Shingles early symptoms

        Unfortunately, shingles early symptoms are not something that can be detected easily. Most of the time, people do not actually consider them important or just choose to ignore them. For example, one of the most common and easiest to ignore shingles early symptoms is sporadic pain. See, the varicella zoster virus, the pathogen agent of the shingles, lays in waiting in your body. When it finds a moment or a place with low immunity, it strikes. Usually, it takes ten to twenty strikes until the virus can breach the inner epidermal tissue and rise to the surface, where it causes the classical shingles symptoms.

       Another shingles early symptom is a slight rise in temperature on the affected area. The reason is similar to the one explained above: when the virus digs into the skin, it causes friction, even at such a minuscule scale. Friction causes heat. Thus, the skin feels overheated. Why people do not pay attention to this? Simply because they consider it to be due to clothes or the heat of the external environment.

       Sadly, if these early symptoms are not noticed in time or if they are mistaken for something else, the shingles will appear relatively fast after the first sudden and sharp pain that the patient feels. In about two to four days, the redness appears and the rash soon follows. Afterwards, the shingles is in full development and it cannot be stopped without some proper treatment.